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Expert SEO Consulting is a leading Search Engine Optimization Consultancy.  Based in Norwalk, CT but with Clients all over the United States, we focus on sectors like Travel, Financial Services, Publishing, Media, Health and Wellness and Retail.

We provide SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media, and Audience Development services as well as onsite SEO/SEM training. We work directly with Clients or with their Agenices as a trusted third party.

Stand On It Marketing

Burt Reynolds, as racing legend Stroker Ace, once said, “If you’re gonna stand on it, stand on it now.  The longer you wait, the slower you’re gonna get.” That applies to marketing as well.  The longer you wait to do something, to try a new technology or a new tactic, the more ground you’re going to have to make up against your competition.

That’s where Stand On It Marketing comes in.  We won’t just accelerate your growth, we’ll stand on it.

We’ll admit it.  We’re dog lovers. We love all dogs but especially our Black Lab rescues from Save a Lab: Katie and Emma.

Katie and Emma are our kids.  We like to buy them things: Treats to eat. Treats to play with. Treats to put under the Christmas Tree or hand out at Hanukkah. They’re the inspiration for the products you see listed on Black Lab Castle.

The web site is currently being redesigned to make it easier to use. Stay tuned.

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